Event Planning & COVID-19

For the past month, we have been guiding hundreds of clients with event changes as they navigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have postponed events that they had been working on for years. Others have asked for our help with scheduling virtual conferences. There are many still who are uncertain about how to best proceed.

We are working diligently with each client and speaker to find win-win solutions. What event planners need right now is flexibility to move forward with planning for a post-COVID-19 world. Based on feedback, we have developed the AAE Flexibility Guarantee to provide you the flexibility you need for future bookings.

The AAE Flexibility Guarantee

If a client needs to cancel a booked event because of circumstances outside their control due to COVID-19, AAE will exhaust all efforts and work to reschedule the speech for another time in the next 13 months.

For full details on our Flexibility Guarantee, please contact your agent today.

Whenever you are ready to move forward, please know that we are committed to working in partnership with you to find the right solution and speaker for your needs. There is no better time to explore some of the great live and virtual speaker options that are available. We can help you secure virtual keynote speakers, often at discounted rates. Top in-demand talent have more openings now for virtual events, so take advantage of this opportunity. When you are ready to explore speaker options for future events, we are happy to help you. Contact your agent today!


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There is no better time to secure your favorite virtual or live speaker for your event. Reach out to our agents today and discover the possibilities. 

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