Eduardo Briceño, the innovative Co-founder & CEO of Mindset Works, is the perfect speaker to motivate your team in the new year. 

Mindset Works, co-founded with Carol Dweck and Lisa S. Blackwell, is the leader in growth mindset training. If you want to foster a culture focused on continuous improvement and innovation, Briceño is an expert. Not to mention, he is currently All American Entertainment's all-time most booked speaker. 

If you are interested in bringing Eduardo Briceño to educate and motivate your workplace, feel free to contact AAE for fees and availability.

Eduardo Briceño discusses the growth mindset in his TEDTalk, How To Get Better at the Things You Care About

Eduardo Briceño's TEDx talks, The Power of Belief and How To Get Better at the Things You Care About, have racked up millions of views by providing new ways of thinking that foster growth mindset and continuous improvement. 

Eduardo Briceño has been featured and quoted in The Huffington Post, NPR, The Guardian, Inc., Education Week, Mindshift, and many others. 

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