Christine Dimmick, Author of "Detox Your Home" & CEO of The Good Home Company, is the perfect speaker to make your audience aware of hidden health risks in their everyday lives, and how they can begin to live cleanly. 

Christine is the Marie Kondo of detoxifying a home, with the experience and research necessary to begin living an unpolluted life. Now, Christine wants to share the story of her all-natural product company, her breast cancer diagnosis, and how she was led to saving others from the toxins hiding in their home products. 

If you are interested in having Christine Dimmick change the lives of your audience forever, feel free to contact AAE for fees and availability. 

Christine Dimmick speaking about her book, "Detox Your Home: A Guide to Removing Toxins from your Life and Bringing Health into your Home." 

Over 20 years ago, when Aveda was in its infant years and Martha Stewart was Queen of Home, Christine Dimmick founded The Good Home Company, an all-natural cleaning products company. 

Christine was shocked when she was later diagnosed with breast cancer. How could someone who was so careful still get cancer? Christine recovered quickly and took her diagnosis as a sign. 

Christine knew her experiences and research needed to be shared in order to spread awareness of how everyday cleaning products may be affecting health. "Detox Your Home: A Guide to Removing Toxins and Improving Your Life" does just that. 

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